ALTER EGO develops partnership with the best Italian luxury furniture & interior décor producers on exclusive dealership basis. The flagship collaboration with Alchymia brand is introduced in the Nigerian market. ALTER EGO bolsters its expertise in creating personified luxury environments and high-end interiors with Alchymia, the icon of Italian state-of-the-art design.

Born many centuries ago in Italy, Alchymia is a family business known for its fascinating artistic pieces inspired by history and art-deco style and aimed at the future through painstaking research and development. Over the years Alchymia has stamped its genius in Italian furniture and décor production demonstrating incredible mastery of the art. Alchymia gives new interpretations to art-deco style combining it with classical heritage, oriental motives and unexpected references from areas of human adventures such as music, eastern architecture, opera and exotic journeys. Alchymia decorative concept implicates bright and opulent framings with generous use of silver and golden leaf, fine woods, extraordinary reliefs and ornaments.

Having made Abuja its latest focal point in Africa, ALTER EGO represents Alchymia at Alter Ego Private Atelier owning the exclusive distributor rights for the Nigerian market with the potential of extension to other countries of Africa. Alter Ego Private Atelier is a truly unique station for bespoke interior solutions with the focus on customization and exclusivity characteristic of luxury living. Traditionally, Alchymia handmade haute pieces are made to measure and each item is marked with progressive number to secure its authenticity. Bespoke excellence is rooted in the ability to capture the unspoken needs and desires of the customer and Alter Ego Private Atelier unfolds this firsthand experience alongside granting the clients direct access to authentic custom made interior objects. The first-of-a-kind ALTER EGO bespoke luxury outlet in Nigeria is imbued with the elegance of Italian chic and style showcasing Alchymia’s modern eclectic décor. For the inaugural appearance in Nigeria Alter Ego Private Atelier pre-commissioned some limited edition exhibitory pieces by Alchymia and made them available to be acquired immediately without pre-order.