Head of bureau

Slava Labzin - ALTER EGO Business Partner, Chief Architect and Project Group Head since 2006. 

Slava Labzin graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1996. 10 years after graduation he has been combining teaching practice at MIA with creative initiatives. At that period Slava took a great interest in graphics and created the unique collection of esoteric art-pieces in romantic symbolism style. Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been regularly offering S.Labzin to apply for auctions with his works. However all such offers were declined by the artist and currently his collection is displayed at ALTER EGO offices in Milano and Moscow.

An expert architect and visionary with the drive to build evocative worlds, Slava plays the key role in creating ALTER EGO portfolio. His contribution to company projects provides the elegance of style marked with fine taste and delicacy that calls for immediate clients’ recognition.